It’s Obon Season!

Temples across North America are starting their Obon practices this month, so now’s the time to go break out your kachi kachi and start to plan out a summer full of Obon hopping! There are Obon festivals and bazaars all across North America in the coming months. You can keep track of them at Japanese […]

It’s Obon Season!

We are already well into Obon season, and I haven’t even started to practice my moves yet! I’ve posted about this holiday and festival before, and you can probably expect a few more posts this summer. My favorite explanation is still this article by Rev. Patti Usuki. In Japan, Obon has been held since 657 CE. It is […]

Buddhist Holidays 2011

Tet is just around the corner. Then comes Magha Puja, then Losar… In the past, I’ve covered Buddhist holidays as they come up, more often neglecting to write about them at all. (I do tend to go a bit overboard during Obon season.) This year I’d like to plan out these posts, put in some extra research and bring […]

Bazaar Weekend

Obon season may be over, but temple festivities continue! This weekend the Buddhist Church of Sacramento and the Midwest Buddhist Temple(Chicago) are hosting bazaars. Both celebrations date back over half-a-century to a time when the Japanese American community struggled to rebuild itself out of the trauma of the concentration camps. As the Ginza Chicago website explains… Ginza Holiday found its […]