Comments Policy

Archivist Note: The archivists have taken pains to preserve the original Angry Asian Buddhist blog in its entirety, including comments. However, comments are now closed on the blog as we felt it inappropriate for conversation to continue in absence of the original author. We will post updates to the memorial blog as time goes by where conversation on the important issues raised by the Angry Asian Buddhist can continue. We include his original comments policy below as an example of how to encourage thoughtful dialogue on difficult topics.

A set of guidelines for commenting on Angry Asian Buddhist.

Be brief. If you submit a long comment that fails to be posted, it’s because your comment was so long that my commenting system decided it was spam. Resubmission only feeds my spam mailbox. If you should find yourself in this situation, you could post your thoughts on your own blog and then leave a brief comment with a link back to it.

Be relevant. Please comment on the content of the post you are commenting on. If you want to write about some other topic, please go start your own blog. Writing about some other topic includes petitioning me for help, prosyletization, sharing your entire life’s story, publicizing your recently published book or promoting upcoming events—all worthy topics of your own blog, but not my comment space.

Be informed. If you don’t know anything, please don’t say anything. If the post is about something new to you, please do your research, which may involve going beyond staring at your computer screen. Please also read the post before you comment; if you have questions, read the post again to see if your questions are already answered.

Be connected. Only bloggers registered with Google or OpenID can comment; both are free and easy to set up. If you don’t want to use Google or OpenID to comment, you could very well go post on your own blog—or don’t comment.

Angry Asian Buddhist is a blog that I manage, where I write about whatever I want, and where I have the authority to delete comments at my discretion. I will not delete your comment unless it violates these guidelines.

This comments policy is unoriginal (I more or less copied it from here). If you don’t want to be brief, relevant, informed or connected, then don’t comment. Or you could start your own blog. Or you could use Twitter. Or Facebook. Or Google+. If you want to message me directly, you can do so via my Twitter account.