Festival Cancelled Due to Heavy Rain

Thanks to Dr. Scott (@djbuddha) for passing on this link. In celebration of Black History Month, Lama Rangdrol presents a free online screening.

In honor of Black History Month, I offer a month-long online viewing of “Festival Canceled Due to Heavy Rain,” the award-winning film about my life. The film charts my journey from the sixties in urban Los Angeles, to my profound experience of healing in the Cambodian jungle last year.

Please watch the film, offer what financial support you can, and share with friends, family, and members of the press. My hope is to continue to highlight the important connection between African Americans and the Buddhist experience so we all can share in mutual understanding.

I haven’t yet watched the film myself, but I should pass on the warning from the webpage that it includes graphic images of violence (so be careful before opening this at work). I hope to view it soon!