May 22, 2012

Tricycle Interview

There’s an interview with me posted over at the Tricycle blog. It was a delightful honor to take part in this interview with Emma Varvaloucas. Many thanks also to the other Tricycle editors for their input, ensuring my conversational incoherence turned out less incoherent than it actually is (imagine that), and for getting rid of the dead cat.


  1. Super excited to see the interview! That was my comment that they quote at the beginning of your interview :-)

  2. Speaking of language, there are odd aspects of my trip here in Prague. I had to eat yesterday, and the local food here doesn't agree with me if consumed daily, so I had Chinese food yesterday.

    I was in a Czech restaurant, with Czech Europeans in it, and I have to rely on my pitiful Mandarin to converse with the staff. But it worked. And it was pretty much for reasons you mentioned: I would rather try to get by in broken Mandarin than try to get by in English, because it IS embarrassing to do that in a country where English isn't the main language.

  3. Although I have provided interviews to publications as diverse as the Le Monde Diplomatique and the Vientiane Times...

    ...let me tell you, I would refuse an interview with Tricycle outright.

    不是每個人都能幸運 但是每個人都能作好事


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