November 27, 2011

Chocolate Chicago Buddha

I spotted this confection at the Chicago French Market.

I assume that this pâtissier only intended that a chocolate Buddha confection would sell well; I doubt any deliberate offense to Buddhists. Even so, this is perhaps too fine an example of Buddhism consumerized and ingested as such. Not quite the traditional Dharma Burger, but I would still put it in the same category.


  1. "After the ecstasy, the calories."

  2. What I find funniest about that photo is that those chocolates were obviously made from some sort of Buddha mold, which I have a hard time believing was custom made.

    Where do I get my wholesale Buddha molds, in a variety of sizes?

  3. I find it silly that they're called "Buddha" while the chocolates next to them are called something cream... what does a Buddha taste like i wonder...?


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