November 22, 2010

Hundreds Killed in Cambodia

I know it’s not about Tibet or Burma, but several hundred young Cambodians have recently died in a stampede during holiday festivities in Phnom Penh. According to the BBC:
At least 339 people [have] been killed in a stampede during festival celebrations in the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh, Prime Minister Hun Sen has said.

Huge crowds had gathered on a small island for the final day of the Water Festival, one of the main events of the year in Cambodia.

The stampede took place on a bridge, which eyewitnesses said had become overcrowded.

Hundreds more people were injured in the crush.

This is a huge tragedy, and I am honestly too overwhelmed to say much else.

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  1. It appears that the stampede was prompted by police action, who used water cannon to urge the revelers to move more quickly across a bridge. That was according to a CNN report I heard today.


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