February 19, 2010


Dr. Scott Mitchell has announced a new online Buddhist journal coming out this June!
Along with the help of some friends, we’re launching Prapañca, a quarterly, online Buddhist journal featuring both original reporting and opinion pieces on a wide variety of Buddhist topics, but also fiction, poetry, and the arts. The co-founders/editors and I are passionate not only about bringing a wide diversity of Buddhist voices to our future readers, we’re also passionate about creating a venue for writers of Buddhist fiction and poetry to showcase their work.
I hope this magazine is able to showcase and promote the otherwise overlooked diversity in the Buddhist community. You can visit the home page here, and the submissions guidelines here. (Cross-posted at Dharma Folk.)


  1. Glad to see this project is coming along. Will be excited to see the first issue!

  2. Beautiful, like a tree growing in the snow


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