Happy Lunar New Year!

Today is the (Chinese/Vietnamese/Korean/Mongolian/Tibetan) Lunar New Year. Although frequently tied to religious observance, these concurrent new years are celebrated by Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Atheists and more types of believers, non-believers and everything-in-between than even the gods are able to count. I wouldn’t say that makes them secular holidays, but I would be a bit wary about calling them “Buddhist” holidays. Here are a few nouvelanian messages from around the net.

Chinese New Year is helpfully explained for laowais. (via Yueheng)

Rev. Heng Sure sends us a Year of the Tiger Valentine video greeting.

President Barack Obama extends his Lunar New Year Wishes via YouTube.

In solidarity with Tibetans in Chinese territory, the Dalai Lama has discouraged celebration of Losar, the Tibetan New Year, in 2010. (Also posted at Shambhala SunSpace.)

Not to say that no Tibetans will be celebrating Losar—it’s important to uphold one’s cultural heritage afterall.

Also check out posts by Nate DeMontignyBarbara O’BrienDanny FisherJohn Pappas. All share some celebratory thoughts on Losar, each in their own special way.