Collected Responses on Dhammadarini

Little was I aware that these posts are all available on the Dhammadarinisite! All due to not following through on a single link on Ajahn Sujato’s original post. For the sake of fairness, it should be noted that of those who responded to Thanissaro Bhikkhu, four of them have a unique stake in this argument. At the same time, these letters reveal a concern that Thanissaro Bhikkhu’s letter may come to be viewed as a sort of Vinayic responsa—and thus authoritative. The non-Asian monastic communities seem to have clearly drawn the lines by now. If there’s anyone left out, I’d love to know who. As Ajahn Sujato pointed out in a previous post, monks generally seem to get along, even when one group may hold the validity of another’s ordination in question. Bhikkhunis will find themselves in a similarly uncomfortable position for a while, but I am optimistic that they will find the support they need to establish enduring roots. Now it’s time for me to finish my pumpkin pie and go enjoy Thanksgiving Day.