Tibet, China, Africa & Black America

On The Original Black Buddha, Lama Rangdrol discusses the dynamic relationships between Tibetan spiritual leaders, black America, China and Africa.

My role as Buddhist practitioner is to simply state the obvious in hopes of avoiding a detente between future Tibetan leadership and grass roots black consciousness in America. Those who think this issue will not be an issue in the future are mistaken. I truly believe good work can be done on behalf of Buddhism, the Tibetan people, and African Americans. Why would someone not believe this?

His thoughts may seem far-fetched to some, that relationships between China and Africa will have any impact on the relationships between Tibetan spiritual leaders and grassroots black consciousness in America—and vice versa. But there’s this funny thing about interdependence.

One thought on “Tibet, China, Africa & Black America

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    GeorjinaOctober 7, 2009 at 12:34 AM
    Guess you could call me ‘Angry African American Buddhist’ because it rubs me the wrong way when people make Buddhism a ‘racial’ or ‘cultural’ issue. It is what it is – a way of life we’ve chosen. Why does it have to be any more than this?

    I’ll take wisdom where I find it and if you are green, blue, orange or purple – if it’s truth you speak, then welcome and peace be with you my friend.

    What really just gets my panties in a twist is ‘assuming’ every Black person in the US grew up in ‘the hood’! How dare he make that assumption. Some of us did grow up with both parents, extended family and graduated high school..hey, guess what? Some of us graduated college and run our own companies!

    Thanks for posting this, because I too had that hinky thought about ‘interdependence’. It’s too much of a broad paint brush.

    Keep being ‘angry’ and I’ll keep putting in my 2 cents.


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