Supreme Hypocrisy

In a UPI piece, Chak Sopheap speaks frankly about Grand Supreme Patriarch Tep Vong and his apparent attitudes towards morality in the Khmer sangha.

Several reports of monks having sex, watching pornographic materials and other social misconduct have largely gone unnoticed by the supreme patriarch. Recently a chief monk reportedly got drunk and beat some of his followers, who did not file a complaint out of fear for their safety.

Unlike the case of Tim Sakhorn – a monk who was charged with misconduct and defrocked in 2007 for allegedly destabilizing relations between Cambodia and Vietnam – the supreme patriarch has not reacted to the recent issue involving the drunken monk. This shows that the decision to defrock Sakhorn was politically motivated, and that the Buddhist leader is unconcerned about the decline of morality among the monks under his charge.

Behind this article are complex stories of epic proportions, such as what does it mean to be a supreme patriarch of Cambodia? (There are three!) Or where in the world is Tim Sakhorn?