August 11, 2009

Jubu v. Buju

Thanks to Mai Nguyen’s excerpts of a Denver Post piece on religious melding, I now also know about UUbus and Ebus. So it seems Jubus are Jews who incorporate Buddhism into Judaism and in contrast Bujus are Buddhists with Jewish parents. UUbus are Unitarian Universalist Buddhists (I know one!) and Ebus are Episcopalian Buddhists. I’m sure there must be more.


  1. In practice, "Jubu" has been used to refer to ethnically Jewish Buddhists. I've never heard of it used to refer to Jews who incorporate Buddhism into their religious Judaism.

  2. @Al: I don’t doubt that you’ve never heard of it used as such, but now you can’t deny you’ve never seen it ;)

  3. Having been raised (nominally) Mormon as a kid, I guess that makes me a MoBu. :-p


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