July 25, 2009

Our Continuing Racial Cut and Thrust

I previously posted a timeline of blog posts on C.N. Le’s controversial Asian Nation post, Reflections on a Multiracial Buddhist Retreat. The list goes on. As before, I’ve included the last sentence of each piece.Let me know if you’ve read other posts on this topic.


  1. Hi Arun,

    Thanks for posting these all together. It's made it a lot easier for me to find what people are saying.


  2. Yes, I thank you also. This discussion both here and at Dharma Folk has been really helpful in understanding some dynamics I have observed at temples I have attended (I left a lengthy comment about this at Dharma Folk). By the way, I have launched my own blog http://mybuddhaispink.blogspot.com/ where I plan to discuss my experiences with Buddhism from a perspective of being a gay man. I won't necessarily focus on the debate within Buddhism about homosexuality; rather I hope to stick to how the Dhamma has impacted my life and the journey I am on. Thanks!


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