It’s Obon Season!

I’ve only ever been introduced to the Obon Festival as celebrated in the United States. The first festival I ever went to was years ago, at a Shin temple where a friend’s father worked as minister. As described in the Nichi Bei Times:

Councilman Ronald Ikejiri, a member of the Gardena City Council whose family is active in the church, stated, “The Obon Festival is probably the most appreciated event in the city, not only because of the significance of Obon as an observance and remembrance of those who have passed away, but also because it brings together the community. Whether it’s Japanese Americans, Hispanics, African Americans, Vietnamese, Chinese, or the community as a whole, they all come together for the Obon festival.”

Down here in the Southern District, the festivals started rolling out in June. Here are the following locations and times for the July and August festivals.

You can search for more festivals over a wider area at Discover Nikkei.