Dharma Realm Buddhist Young Adults

Here’s a group of amazing young Northern California Buddhists who work to make Buddhism more accessible to young folk.

The Dharma Realm Buddhist Young Adults (DRBY) consists of college students and young adults who are interested in applying Buddhist principles to their daily lives. DRBY is a community of young people who are searching for wisdom and are committed to helping others while advancing on their own spiritual path. This community provides support for each other’s spiritual cultivation and inquiry into life’s deeper meaning in a friendly and open atmosphere. 

DRBY meets every Wednesday at the Berkeley Buddhist Monastery for meditation, discussion and food. You can follow this group of truly inspirational individuals on Facebook and on Twitter, with a blog to come soon!

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    Jack DawJuly 14, 2009 at 6:05 AM
    we need more buddhist groups that are interested in engaging young people.

    thank you for posting this. can’t wait for them to get their blog out.


    TivomeJuly 15, 2009 at 11:37 AM
    Yes, this is part of Master Hsuan Hua’s Sangha, the city of 10,000 Buddhas in Northern California. This is the spiritual home of thousands of Chinese-American Buddhists in Northern California. Master Hsuan Hua’s a great scholar – I’ve read many of his teachings on many Mahayana Sutras. He dedicated his life bringing Dharma to the West.


    I believe they also run a Buddhist school from Elementary to High School – their students often get accepted to Harvard and other Ivy leagues. My friend has her daughter sent there from Singapore. Strict discipline and a great education – their alma mater often become outstanding Buddhist American citizens. A great institution all around.

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